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Solar Greenhouse

Solar Greenhouses make optimum use of solar energy for providing heating and insulation. Specialized solar greenhouses can collect and store energy for night-time use or during cloudy weather. SPV cells can be used to collect solar energy for additional insulation in colder climates. Another solution is to use water tanks heated by solar power for circulating heat, which maintains the temperature at a level suitable to grow vegetables throughout the year, enabling vegetable production during off-seasons. Such greenhouses using passive solar technology have been built for costs starting at INR30,000 in Ladakh.

In warmer climates, solar greenhouses can be used to create a cooler zone required for certain crops. Cooling pumps can be powered by SPV cells placed either on top or along the sides of the greenhouse. Greenhouses also require proper ventilation with exhaust mechanisms to reduce humidity and get fresh air inside. Solar energy can be used for such ventilation systems. Simple vents using natural convection and heat from the sun is one option and another is to have a solar-powered exhaust fan.

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