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Naturally Ventilated Polyhouse

Green House Setup Service

Sriroz provides you with the complete support needed for setting up a greenhouse. Our staff has 40 years of experience in handling the various aspects of setting up a greenhouse. Our affordable prices suit every budget and we deliver a functional greenhouse within really less time. We value your time and encourage you to opt for our excellent Green House Setup service. During the construction of the Greenhouse farming setup, a project manager will always be available on the field to look after the progress and ensure that all the parameters are met. Moreover, they would be available to answer all queries you might have regarding the construction. To date, we have successfully installed over 5000 greenhouses. We believe in creating a durable greenhouse that lasts for years to come with minimal maintenance.

Suitable for commercial cultivation in average temperature zone

Span:          Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:    4.0m x 8.0m, Height: 6- 6.5m

Structure:  Anti-corrosive tubular hot dip Galvanized

Glazing:     200 microns U V clear film, also available IR film of various properties for all crops

About Us

SRIROZ is a recognized leader and pioneer company in designing, manufacturing & installing poly houses and one of the largest & leading exporters and manufacturers of poly hous