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Climate controlled polyhouse

Span:                   Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:             As per requirements

Structure:           Anti-corrosive tubular hot dip Galvanized

Glazing:              200 microns U V clear film, also available IR

                            film of various properties for all crops

Pads:                   Celdex (Imported) with high cooling

                             efficiency (100/ 150mm thick)

Fans:                   Axial (Imported) up to 25000 cf/m capacity

Humidification: With a micro fogging system

Solar greenhouses

Green houses for flower cultivation with solar systems

green house

Solar Greenhouse

PVC Panel Build Agricultural Polyhouse Structure

About Us

SRIROZ is a recognized leader and pioneer company in designing, manufacturing & installing poly houses and one of the largest & leading exporters and manufacturers of poly hous