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SRIROZ has so far installed over 2000 acres of greenhouses in India & for many overseas projects, this greenhouse was made for agricultural industries universities, research labs, corporate companies, horticulture as well as govt department, and many farmers all over the world. The greenhouses are used for the cultivation of different flowers, vegetables and turmeric vertical and horizontally


Naturally ventilated polyhouse

Suitable for commercial cultivation in average temperature zone

Span:          Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:    4.0m x 8.0m, Height: 6- 6.5m

Structure:  Anti corrosive tubular hot dip Galvanized

Glazing:     200 micron U V clear film, also available IR film

                   of various properties for all crops

Climate controlled polyhouse

Suitable for commercial cultivation in semi-arid zone

Span:                   Single / multi gutter connected

Bay size:             As per requirements

Structure:           Anti-corrosive tubular hot dip Galvanized

Glazing:              200 microns U V clear film, also available IR

                            film of various properties for all crops

Pads:                   Celdex (Imported) with high cooling

                             efficiency (100/ 150mm thick)

Fans:                   Axial (Imported) up to 25000 cf/m capacity

Humidification: With a micro fogging system

Net House

Suitable for Tubor crops SeedGermination/cultivation, Pollination

Design:        Dome/Arch Shape

Span:           Single / multi

Bay size:      4.0m x 10.0m

Height: up to 4.5m

Structure:    Anti-corrosive tubular (round/ square) hot dip  Galvanized, ISI marked

Glazing:       Insect Net UV stabilized 40/50 mesh

Irrigation:    Overhead a micro-sprinkler /Drip Irrigation/Fogging

Polycarbonate House

Suitable for Tubor crops Seed Germination/cultivation, Pollination 

  • Design: As Per DBT Guidelines
  • Span: Single Multi Gutter Connected
  • Bay Size: As Per Requirments
  • Structure: Anti-Corrosive Tubular ( Round Square) hot- Dip Galvanized ISI Marked
  • Glazing: Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet ( 6/2, 8/2, 8/3, 10/3 )having light transmission (82%) long life, with limited 10 years conditional warranty.
  • Cooling (Evaporative: With fan Axial (Imported) & pads, celdex (Imported), and air conditioners to achieve low temperature.
  • Humidification:  With a micro fogging system, Humidifiers
  • Lighting:   with PAR (Photo active radiation lamps) suitable for research
  • Control: with PAR (Photo active radiation lamps) suitable for research
Future Power

Polytunnel, shade houses, on building rooftop with greenhouses with solar arrangements.

Israeli researchers have tested organic PV modules to power polytunnel greenhouses and have found that they might offer advantages over conventional crystalline silicon, despite their lower efficiency rates. They have lower operating temperatures but are subject to degradation, due to the mechanical stress caused by the wind-induced movement of tunnel sheeting.

Green House

Greenhouse with a solar system on an agricultural field.

Greenhouses allow farming to take place throughout the year. However, they tend to consume a lot of energy because they need to be at optimal temperatures throughout the season. They also have various devices that are always running. For this reason, solar panels for greenhouse increase efficiency in this sector.

flower cultivation

Greenhouses with solar small sizes in the cluster would be for co-operative society Corporate and villagers

The Indian government has an ambitious plan to promote renewable /clean energy, but we must also consider the challenges in implementing the same. The target for renewable energy has been set at 175GW by 2022, out of which 100GW is to be by solar energy alone and the land requirement to achieve this target alone is going to be around 200,000 ha. Additional land shall also be required for 60GW wind projects. No need to say that such massive land acquisition would be quite a challenge, especially in a country like India that faces a real test in feeding a population of about 1.25 billion, growing annually at 1.2%. On the other hand 100GW of solar projects would meet only 10% of the projected energy demand in 2022 since solar projects can generate energy only during the daytime.

flower cultivation

Green houses for flower cultivation with solar systems.

Solar energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways, saving money, increasing self-reliance, and reducing pollution. Solar heat collectors can be used to dry crops and warm homes, livestock buildings, and greenhouses. Solar water heaters can provide hot water for dairy operations, pen cleaning, and homes.

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