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About Us

SRIROZ CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD. is a Pune-based company in India that has brought and developed the poly houses in India.; the sriroz has studied various designs used around the globe and developed unique designs suitable for different crops Today, SRIROZ is a recognized leader and pioneer company in designing, manufacturing & installation of poly houses and one of the largest & leading exporters and manufacturers of poly houses in India. The first Indian project for cut flowers has been made by SRIROZ in the year1993

We have many designs for different crops and climatic conditions. We have indigenously developed profile, polylocks and various gear systems for polyhouses. Our polyhouses are strong, sturdy & made of galvanized pipes designed to obtain maximum utility, better growth & optimal production. SRIROZ green houses are suitable for almost every flower and vegetable cultivated around India and abroad. SRIROZ has so far installed above 2000acres of greenhouses in india & for many overseas projects this green houses made for agricultural industries universities, research lab, corporate companies, horticulture as well as govt department and many farmers all over the world. The greenhouses are used for cultivation of different flowers, vegetables and turmeric in vertical and horizontally


Due to industrialization and development of many sectors the requirement of electricity has increased multifold & on the other hand production of electricity has become most critical issue during these days. Maintaining power plant is becoming very difficult because of acute shortage of coal and its accerated cost. A day is expected when power stations may not attained or reached even 50% of the country’s requirement. Many countries will not be able to produce this energy. Therefore the world is veering towards renewable and sustainable sources of energy like sunlight converted to solar energy which is abundant and inexhaustible

India government

Even in India government is putting lots of effort in this direction and looking for various solutions to convert solar energy into power.


The installation of solar structures would certainly occupy huge hectares of land. Since the government of India is planning for another 2 lacs MW by 2022.

Sriroz being agricultural consultant & green house company

Sriroz being agricultural consultant & green house company setting up on N-number of green house all over the country for bringing huge land under cultivation of flowers and vegetables knows that there could be a shortage of agricultural land for food the question would be,” Is food security important or electricity.” Hence backing government proposals and expansion progress we had added and linked agriculture with solar energy

Our Services

SRIROZ, with years of experience, skill sets, and knowledge in this sector is introducing a win-win solution for the Govt. and as well as the farmer of the agricultural land. With our expertise, domain knowledge, and improved technology, SRIROZ has developed a greenhouse structure that will include solar panels where the cultivation of food and vegetable is possible alongside solar energy generation.

Polytunnels, shadehouses,on building roof top with green houses with solar arrangements.

Green houses with solar system on agricultural field

Green houses for flower cultivation with solar systems

Structure for cultivation of vegetables along with solar panels

Group of farmers, investors, can come together and own small green houses with solar arrangements.

About Us

SRIROZ is a recognized leader and pioneer company in designing, manufacturing & installing poly houses and one of the largest & leading exporters and manufacturers of poly hous